There was the 2013 film “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down” and as of January 6, 2021 we had “Full Retard” playing out in real time on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

America has had more than its share of race riots, from Chinese, to Hispanics and especially Black people. Usually law enforcement shows up with riot gear and military grade weaponry ready, but those rioters always knew to stop that the gate, which is why they never really accomplish anything lasting.

But on January 6, 2021 an actual mob filled with decorated military veterans, law enforcement and politicians actually showed up and a riot ensured. These people urged on by a defeated President stormed the nation’s capitol with painted faces and racially themed t-shirts and they proceeded to defecated in the halls of the Senate, commandeer offices, read mail and steal lamps. They tried to initiate Order 66 right where the Vice President stands to cast deciding votes.

How did this happen?

It would be easy to dismiss these patriotic insurrectionist as low IQ, Vikings, King Arthur and Shakespeare garb wearing individuals, but are they really any different than the run of the mill genitalia hat wearing, ass naked parading , murdering, building burning, city taking over protesters… probably not.

Well you see the department of defense and police budgets don’t cover dealing with white people. They are funded in a way to keep non-whites under control. While the looting and general dumbassery that went on in our nation’s capitol was shocking and has caused 5 deaths… the different treatment to “skin tone” as a stark and obvious one.

Imagine any race other that whites doing this…

These terrorist seemed very comfortable using military tactics to apprehend public officials, take hostages, and to build gallows on the mall lawn. Yet they were largely viewed as not a threat simply because they were white. This is a point that will soon be forgotten but Black Americans already know this as it is apparent how afraid we as a nation are to again ban alcohol, the most deadly killer in our society….out of fear of what whites would do.

Yes, we will move forward and the media and politicians will say “We are better than this”, although we have proven time after time that we are not better than this. They will say that this is a political party issue and shy away from race and privilege. They will promote a new system, a better one and once again we will believe that this new poor taste is the right kind of poor taste.

Right now, the media is calling for a full house cleaning, due to infiltration at the law enforcement and at several levels of government. I supposed that will mean a “loyalty test” of some sort will be at play. Tossing everyone out and starting over will be a bridge too far. Sure, people will be prosecuted and some will lose their jobs, but that’s far better than being murdered in the street.

Seeing a red and blue face painted Viking on the Senate floor may have been the last straw for many. Seeing a mob of angry, slogan t-shirt clad white people storming the capitol in an attempted coup may have made you angry, it may have made you tired… well just imagine how angry and tired black folks, who have actually been wronged in this nation, have felt and they have never risen to that level of disrespect for this nation, even when they are being unjustly and obviously murdered… and that’s politics of a different shade.

Discover the truth


Network television is changing. They are reshuffling the deck to appeal to larger audiences. They are getting rid of liberals, but they are really getting rid President Barack Obama’s musings and anyone who can’t appeal to the dominant political mass.

People will be moved whether it is Melissa Harris Perry, Al Sharpton, Toure, Joy Reid, Ronan Farrow, Alex Wagner, Jose Diaz-Balart or anyone else. That is just business, but why didn’t these brown faces see the writing on the wall?



Melissa Harris Perry walks off her show after pre-exemptions


Why…because these brown face head shots were pretending that influx of brown faces on big screens, small screens and network news wasn’t due to Barack Obama’s presence. As his term winds down these people should have been reflective of the process that gave rise to many of the brown faces we seen daily. Reflective that Barack Obama’s travails allowed these brown faces to provide better for their families, to change zip codes to create viable platforms.

Even though some of those brown faces took their benefactor to task for two terms and eight long years, thanks is still due. They have yet to thank him for the paychecks, the raises, the platforms or the notoriety. Without Obama these brown faces would have kept the marginal outlets they had before his candidacy.


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Race and Identity Polices personified

I get it; you earned this position on merit…right. Unfortunately, America seldom works like that—hardly ever. Many of these brown faces did great jobs with their shows and platforms, but no great job a brown face does would be as great as someone with a white one.

                                          Dear: Melissa Harris Perry,

                                          This is not about you. This is about President Barack Obama.

I know Melissa Harris Perry and her audience, didn’t like the repeated back and forth cuts between her segments and election coverage. A lot of people are ‘stanning’ for Melissa, Nerdland, and for a show that featured race and identity politics and Melissa never did get that Beyonce interview. Ultimately, Melissa’s insistence on discussing of Beyone’s video “formation” instead of the political race may have been the last MSNBC straw.



The cycle is changing and Melissa Harris Perry has an audience, a following and agendas behind her…she’ll be fine.



MG Hardie