President Barack Obama

Ohio’s school district suspended a teacher without pay for allegedly telling an African-American student, “We don’t need another black president.” Far be it form me to criticize the protocol for disciplining teachers, but the call for this teacher’s”firing” is overboard. It is overboard one because the media isn’t filling synapses with more urgent and pressing matters, and two if history is any indicator the teacher is right. We don’t need another black president.

America doesn’t need a female president (sorry Hillary). America doesn’t need a Hispanic or an Asian president. I know people will not like that but it’s the truth. America doesn’t need another ethnic, hyphenated, or sub group American as president if they are going to do exactly what a white male would do. America doesn’t need a female president, if she is going to do what her white male counterpart would do, just so we can celebrate that she is female. Yes those with agendas and predisposed mental conditions would cheer any selection from the selected, but they too will realize that electing someone doesn’t meant that someone represents your concerns, even if they claim to (see Worst Congress Ever). These others, (non-white males) have different experiences, different upbringings and different philosophies but once elect all of those qualities are muted by lobbyist and party lines. With all the talk of inclusion and diversity you don’t see either ruling party grooming any “minority” for the highest office in 2016, now do you? And that should tell you all you need to know.

Saving the auto industry

This does not mean the President is not to be commended for enduring all of the family attacks, the coded-racial slings and arrows. he has recovered masterfully from his mis-steps and endured the fickle whims of an under informed public. Under President Barack Obama the economy is stronger, the supreme court has a Hispanic justice, marijuana is legal, unemployment is down, homosexuals can marry, homeless veterans have housing, wall street has been reformed, the auto industry has been saved, the war in Iraq is over, women are paid equally as men, the stock market is higher than it has ever been and every American has healthcare coverage.

Presidential Family

The pricelessness of forcing whites to stomach the daily presence of a black family, for most was enough to case the 1st vote for Barack Obama.

It may not be as far off as you think

 Through the eyes of history President Barack Obama will likely go down as the greatest president to have ever lived.

What President Barack Obama has done is exactly what needed to be done. It may have nuanced, but there was nothing extraordinary about it. He just happened to be president when they occurred. The previous President, George Bush, had America teetering on collapse and the American people were not having anymore Republican party policies shoved down their throats. The top 1% and media knew that the present conditions were unsustainable so they gave Americans a choice the black guy or the lady, and then they pushed Americans to the easier-to-deal with choice of the black guy. The republicans threw the 2008 election and the rest is history (they have to run someone to get the monies right?) And the black guy office and he took all of the hits, like he was supposed to and he has catered to every major group there was.

Drone on

President Barack Obama is also authorizing the use of remote control drones to kill people, so much so that this usages has now crept into police usage. He has allowed the NSA, CIA and the FBI the freedom to collect every bit of data there is on everyone, forever erasing the any notion of privacy. He has been far too accommodating to those who have impeded every one of his congressional pushes. He said that his administration would be transparent, but it hasn’t been. He has allowed lobbyist to work in his administration. He hasn’t placed a tariff on companies that do not provide barely sustainable wages to employees. Scores of innocent people, according to the DOJ, are incarcerated unknowingly. He has not fined or ended discrimination in internet purchases. He is still fundraising by millions. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has soared by 70 percent since he took office, He has not required companies selling and or operating in the U.S. to establish a non-slave wage for workers in third wold countries. He has not taken money out of politics. He has not fined, nor ended nightclub gender discrimination. He has done nothing about securing America’s southern border and has refused to enforce federal immigration laws. He ordered criminal investigations of reporters. He has dismissed any mention of reparations. He used the IRS to target conservatives. He bailed out the banks after their collapse.

“I’m a warrior for the middle class”, he has always bashed the rich and talks about helping the middle class, but hasn’t. American children graduating from high school, test scores average a 7th grade reading levels and 8th grade math level, and this hasn’t changed since he’s been in office and nothing he has done shows that America is serious about education our youth. He did not close Guantanamo Bay detention camp as he promised, it still houses detainees. He has a kill list, a list that has the locations of people he would like to pursue lethal action against. He has done nothing to end the failed war on drugs policies. He has done noting to reduce the states immoral need to incarcerate citizens for profit. He has not had his attorney general office review the thousands of racially biased laws…

H.R. 40

President Barack Obama has ignored the common folk, the every man, America’s backbone. For them taxes are high taxes, prices on mass produced items never go down, power is still centralized in political parties, gas prices are twice as high, a subtle class war has begun, and the regulations that face small businesses are burdensome. Since he has been in office the disparity between the rich and poor has never been greater.

“The idea that so many children are born into poverty in the wealthiest nation on Earth is heartbreaking enough. But the idea that a child may never be able to escape that poverty because she lacks a decent education or health care or a community that views her future as their own, that should offend all of us,”- President Barack Obama. Fortunately for President Obama there is still time for him to address many of these concerns.

No America doesn’t need a woman, Hispanic, Asian, and certainty not another black president. What America needs is an individual. An individual who will do the right thing. America needs a president who won’t just spew party platforms and follow party lines. America needs a president who will not bow to lobbyist, corporatism, special interest groups. If that were to happen that will be the only president for who gender and race does not matter. That is also a president, America won’t be allowed to have.



Aren’t we Americans being a bit self-righteous on torture. I mean come on. The Democrats have been in power for awhile and before them the Republicans were in charge do you really believe that the CIA lied to every single member of congress? If you believe that then you are the problem. They have enough evidence to impeach Bush and Cheney, but didn’t move forward why? Because they are all culpable. As long as everything is classified, or blacked out there is Plausible Deniability. Yes Bush did somethings that everyone did not approve of, but believe me our so-called representatives knew a heck of a lot more than they told us then and they know more than they are telling us now. Musings on people who say that we don’t torture: Algeria, Project Phoenix, Latin America, Abu Ghraib, Git-Mo, and more we have done far worse things than torture. We have been torturing for a long time and we wont stop torturing, or doing any other immoral activities. Who is going to stop us? And here we are Ad nauseam talking about “Waterboarding” when that is only one of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, there are some better ones.  I know an officer in the military who says that the interrogation tactic guidelines in the field manual are enough to put you in the hospital. What we have done is created a way to inflict all kinds of pain and discomfort that brings the suject close to dying,  but keeps them alive so we can do it to them again, …sweet.

So what if the House Speaker says “The CIA lied to me” and then she turns around and lies to all of us. I find her credible and I believe that in all of the CIA’s 400 briefings on torture she was the only person that they lied to. Pelosi, the Dems, the Reps and many others are complicit in this, but would we accept the same manner of treatment to our soldiers? We talk about ideals, so are we not shocked? Or is torture alright with us? Of course people are saying that they want full disclosure because they know it wont happen and that there is so much misinformation out there that the truth will be obscured anyway. Do you really think that all of the “torture” evidence was documented or conveniently put on a memo for public consumption. We want to believe that the bad people are somewhere other than at our front door. We want to believe that these cellars and dungeons of our own creation don’t exist. I know it makes my day go a hell of a lot better when my stomach isn’t churning, but that’s just me. There will be a few scapegoats to satisfy the media, and to pacify us. Personally I think we should get rid of everyone in congress, electing these lawyers has created the culture of cover up, word-play, and manipulation. Big deal they sort of let Bush off the hook.  And Cheney is breaking his arm patting himself on the back  saying look at the information we gathered by almost killing everyone. If we are getting the information then why do we still have issues with the extremist? Why haven’t we found the weapons? Where is Osama? Or maybe they haven’t told us that information as well. Because of 9/11 we were gun-ho in-the-moment and went looking for revenge, and it was all good as long as it looked like we were kicking the crap out of everybody. We have brought soldiers and war to three countries and there will be more. Only now when the world is looking at us negatively we say that we are looking for who is responsible the real answer is… We All Are.

Don’t get me started on WireTapping…