Oh how we love the cookie.

We love mini cookies even the big cookies.

Devouring handfuls of the make you fat cookies,

and those late night snack cookies.

We love the hard, the soft and the hot-to-the-touch cookie.

The regional, seasonal, “thank you very much” cookie.

And the cookies that cost,

Cookies you don’t touch, just floss.

We love the textured, smooth and over dressed cookies.

The prim, proper and “won’t settle for less” cookie.

The ice cream, strawberries and chocolate you add to the cookie to make it sing to our soul,

Just so you know, those are the cookies that we want to keep whole.

Paired cookies, shared cookies, multi-layered cookies.

Cookies you eat fast, cookies you eat slow.

The every-ready cookie for the grab and go.

The “make you hit the floor” cookie.

The “I just had some, but I still want some more” cookie.

The fluffy cookie, the “never get enough” cookie.

Sprinkled with sugar cookies

and the exotic spicy cookie that evoke.

The Rich cookies who don’t like cookies that are broke.

The “everyday” “around the way” cookie

The barely there cookie,

The cookie that gives as good as it gets.

The “love you down” cookie, the one you won’t forget.

The “hard to keep to yourself” cookie, eat them until there’s none left cookie.

The “no one knows you’re around” cookie.

You Only Live Once cookie that one comes with a kiss.

The “feel like I can do anything” cookie is pure bliss.

After a long day cookie, the “make all the pain go away” cookie.

The “sweet all by itself” cookie,

“I need a little help” cookie.

The “you can’t wait to get it” cookie.

The rare, hard to find, one of a kind cookie.

The make you “think twice” cookie,

The “ain’t nothing nice” cookie.

Black and White cookies.

Middle of the night cookies.

The “make you hurry home” cookie.

Cookies with a little milk, cookies with a side of guilt.

Cookies that come with their own sauce.

Yes, we love the cookie

and here we are reminiscing over all the cookies we’ve had, but lost.

MG Hardie

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