Aren’t we Americans being a bit self-righteous on torture. I mean come on. The Democrats have been in power for awhile and before them the Republicans were in charge do you really believe that the CIA lied to every single member of congress? If you believe that then you are the problem. They have enough evidence to impeach Bush and Cheney, but didn’t move forward why? Because they are all culpable. As long as everything is classified, or blacked out there is Plausible Deniability. Yes Bush did somethings that everyone did not approve of, but believe me our so-called representatives knew a heck of a lot more than they told us then and they know more than they are telling us now. Musings on people who say that we don’t torture: Algeria, Project Phoenix, Latin America, Abu Ghraib, Git-Mo, and more we have done far worse things than torture. We have been torturing for a long time and we wont stop torturing, or doing any other immoral activities. Who is going to stop us? And here we are Ad nauseam talking about “Waterboarding” when that is only one of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, there are some better ones.  I know an officer in the military who says that the interrogation tactic guidelines in the field manual are enough to put you in the hospital. What we have done is created a way to inflict all kinds of pain and discomfort that brings the suject close to dying,  but keeps them alive so we can do it to them again, …sweet.

So what if the House Speaker says “The CIA lied to me” and then she turns around and lies to all of us. I find her credible and I believe that in all of the CIA’s 400 briefings on torture she was the only person that they lied to. Pelosi, the Dems, the Reps and many others are complicit in this, but would we accept the same manner of treatment to our soldiers? We talk about ideals, so are we not shocked? Or is torture alright with us? Of course people are saying that they want full disclosure because they know it wont happen and that there is so much misinformation out there that the truth will be obscured anyway. Do you really think that all of the “torture” evidence was documented or conveniently put on a memo for public consumption. We want to believe that the bad people are somewhere other than at our front door. We want to believe that these cellars and dungeons of our own creation don’t exist. I know it makes my day go a hell of a lot better when my stomach isn’t churning, but that’s just me. There will be a few scapegoats to satisfy the media, and to pacify us. Personally I think we should get rid of everyone in congress, electing these lawyers has created the culture of cover up, word-play, and manipulation. Big deal they sort of let Bush off the hook.  And Cheney is breaking his arm patting himself on the back  saying look at the information we gathered by almost killing everyone. If we are getting the information then why do we still have issues with the extremist? Why haven’t we found the weapons? Where is Osama? Or maybe they haven’t told us that information as well. Because of 9/11 we were gun-ho in-the-moment and went looking for revenge, and it was all good as long as it looked like we were kicking the crap out of everybody. We have brought soldiers and war to three countries and there will be more. Only now when the world is looking at us negatively we say that we are looking for who is responsible the real answer is… We All Are.

Don’t get me started on WireTapping…